Anabella Aguirre

Anabella Aguirre

Co-Founder and Ya Basta Instructor

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About Anabela:

Anabella has been a janitor for 22 years, originally from Guatemala, mother of 3 children and proud grandmother of a granddaughter. As a long-time survivor and advocate, she has helped build survivor and worker leadership to confront sexual harassment in the cleaning industry with the Ya Basta! campaign since its inception.

In 2016, she was part of a 5-day hunger strike at the Sacramento Capitol that led to the passage of AB-1978, the Property Service Worker Protection Act, which requires sexual harassment training jobs on-site for cleaning companies.

Anabela also played a key role in 2019 helping to pass AB-547, the Janitor Survivor Empowerment Act that requires janitors in California to provide peer-to-peer education on sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The legislation gives janitors the leadership to change industry conditions, become resources to their peers, and create responses to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Anabela currently serves on the executive board of SEIU-USWW and is a co-founder of the Centro Ya Basta.

As a California state-certified trainer, she provides workplace sexual harassment and abuse prevention training to dozens of instructors across the state. Training assists in preventing violence by educating employees about the warning signs of abuse, the value of healthy relationships at work, and the resources that are available. According to Anabela Ya Basta has changed her life from victim to survivor, she has been empowered to help her fellow janitors at their workplace to say “Enough-is-Enough” to workplace abuse and violations.

Her academic career encompasses more than 335 hours of professional education as a trainee certified by the state of California and the following organizations:

  • Valor@US and Ya Basta Center:
    Safe & Respectful Places: Preventing sexual harassment and abusive behavior in the Cleaning Industry 12/2022
  • Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
    Domestic Violence Advocate Training 01/2020
  • Labor Occupational Health Program University of California Berkeley LOHP
    Training to prepare Promotoras to Train Others on Preventing Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct in the Janitorial Industry with LOHP 04/2019
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
    Mental Health Promotores Comunitarios 05/2018
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
    Mental Health Promotores Comunitarios 04/2018
  • East Los Angeles Woman Center
    Certified Training on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence 06/2017
  • East Los Angeles Woman Center
    Promotoras contra la violencia Training: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Teen dating violence and stalking. 10/2016
  • CALCASA Coalition Against Sexual Assault
    Self Defense Instructor 07/2017

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