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To be qualified as a peer trainer on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, a person shall have the training, knowledge, and experience necessary to train nonsupervisory covered workers/janitors

At the minimum, have all of the sexual assault advocate training in the following areas:
(A) Survivor-centered and trauma-informed principles and techniques.
(B) The long-term effects of sexual trauma and the intersection of discrimination, oppression, and sexual violence.
(C) The availability of local, state, and national resources for survivors of sexual violence.
(D) Interactive teaching strategies that engage across multiple literacy levels.
(E) Conducting discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment prevention training.
(F) Responding to sexual harassment complaints or other discrimination complaints.

The program helps stop violence before it happens by teaching people about the signs of abuse, the value of healthy relationships in the job, and the resources that are out there. To make society safer and more fair for everyone, programs like this one are necessary to stop sexual assault at work ,