Lulu Vargas

Lulu Vargas

Ya Basta Instructor

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About Lulu:

Lulu believes it is important to be active and informed about what happens in the workplace and society. Over the years, she has participated in dozens of unions marches and supports politicians who protect workers’ rights. When the Ya Basta Center was founded, Lulu didn’t miss the opportunity to get involved, immediately identifying with the center’s values and mission, as she herself has been a victim of harassment and discrimination at work due to her appearance. That painful experience motivated her to become a trainer, empowering and educating herself to bring the message to other buildings so that janitors do not go through what she has experienced.

“Personally, all of this has changed me a lot, a radical change from the Lulu I used to be to the one I am now,” she comments. “Above all, I have learned to respect my colleagues.” I am very excited to be able to deliver the message to other buildings and let janitors know about the mission we have to inform about the prevention of harassment and abusive behavior, so that they can report if they are experiencing this situation and assure them not to be afraid because there are laws that protect us.

Lulu Vargas completed a 40-hour training course to become a certified professional instructor in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behavior in the Cleaning Industry.

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