Martha Mejia

Martha Mejia

Ya Basta Instructor

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About Martha:

Martha has been a loyal member of the SEIU-USWW union since 2000. Her esteemed reputation and commitment to her community have established her as a prominent figure in advocating for workers’ rights. Martha is a proud mother of three children. Her motivation to belong and become an instructor at the Ya Basta Center is because she was sexually harassed in the building where she worked, and there was no real protection for janitors since they work alone during the night shift.

“Thanks to the two laws we fought for and won, AB-1978 and AB-547, I feel more protected and secure. My life has changed because of the sexual harassment and violence training at work. I am informed about many resources and laws that protect us, and the training is delivered by janitors, – peer to peer -making it more trustworthy because we know what really happens in the buildings. As an instructor, the most important thing is to teach our colleagues that there is help available for men, women, and the LGBTQ community. And to confirm that they are not alone, and with this workshop, we will have safe and respectful workplaces. I see myself in the future teaching this workshop to my coworkers and helping to eliminate harassment and abusive behavior so we can work in an atmosphere of respect. My goal at Ya Basta Center is to keep learning and training myself more and more to always be there for my coworkers.”

Martha Mejia completed a 40-hour training course to become a certified professional instructor in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behavior in the Cleaning Industry.

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