Miriam Torres

Miriam Torres

Ya Basta Instructor

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About Miriam:

Miriam Torres has 9 years of experience in the cleaning industry and is a single mother of three. Inspired by a friend who participated in a hunger strike for the passage of certain laws, Miriam believes it’s important to bring about change and actively participate in the process. She reflects on her early days in Janitorial work, where she heard stories of supervisors mistreating female workers. Upon learning about sexual abuse and harassment during training, she realized how many women might have experienced such situations without even realizing it. Miriam emphasizes the importance of recognizing victims and making a difference by preventing and helping overcome trauma.

As an instructor, Miriam is determined to break the taboo surrounding the topic and hopes for a positive change. She envisions a workplace where both men and women understand that going to work should entail fulfilling a day of peaceful and abuse-free labor. Miriam wants to contribute to the vision of colleagues who established the Ya Basta Center, working towards creating safe work environments.

Miriam Torres completed a 40 hour training course to become a certified profesional instructor in the prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive behavior in the cleaning industry.

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