Maribel Cabrera

Maribel Cabrera

Ya Basta Instructor

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About Maribel:

Separated with 4 children, Maribel says that her motivation to join the Ya Basta Center was the clear and concise goals and purposes of the training to inform, support, and help all people who experience harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace, regardless of their immigration or legal status. “My life has completely and radically changed 100% after the training,” says Maribel. “And even more so, my way of thinking because now I have no doubts and I have very important and, above all, truthful information about my rights as a worker and as a human being.” With the training, instructors become professional defenders in the prevention of sexual harassment, and this vital information needs to reach all workplaces so that all colleagues know their rights and finally break the silence and eradicate completely the harassment and sexual abuse that has been happening for many years in workplaces. My goal at the Ya Basta Center is to become a good instructor and continue preparing and training myself in other important areas such as racism, domestic violence at home, and everything related, to reach more people in the community, provide them with more support, and let them know they are not alone.

Maribel Cabrera completed a 40-hour training course to become a certified professional instructor in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behavior in the Cleaning Industry.

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