Ricardo Contreras

Ricardo Contreras

Ya Basta Instructor

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About Ricardo:

Ricardo is a father of six children and originally from Mexico City. He has been actively involved in the union organizing process, observing the impact it has on transforming working conditions in the industry. Over time, he began to realize that sexual harassment was a serious problem in the cleaning industry. During meetings with janitors working in non-unionized places while addressing the issue of wage theft, they started hearing accounts of other abuses and cases of sexual harassment faced by female workers. This is what motivated him to become a part of the Ya Basta program. “We started to see what was happening in our industry, including among unionized workers. We got more involved in this issue by listening to the complaints,” he mentioned.

Ricardo has been present since the opening of the Center Ya Basta, training future instructors on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Ricardo Contreras completed a 40-hour training course to become a certified professional instructor in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behavior in the Cleaning Industry.

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